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esports games


In the midst of the growing esports games industry there’s huge expectations from this popular form of online gaming. The current global eSports market in 2020 being valued at just over 950 million U.S. dollars. According to our source’s estimates, the global eSports market revenue will reach almost 1.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. The eSports industry is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

The survey giant Statista, estimates esports games will not only see substantial growth in the years to come, but an occasional audience of over 351 million across the globe by 2023.


What are Esports Games?

Esports is the collective term for competitive video gaming, where teams of people play games against each other at a professional level, regularly winning huge sums of prize money. These esports players are contracted to play for a variety of different organisations, practice and compete in their respective esports game just as a football player would do.

Any multiplayer game can become an esport game, although almost all of the biggest games right now simply set out, first and foremost, to be entertaining to play. A competitive scene evolves over time, thanks to both game developer and community support. There are a number of games that are viewed as esports games. 


Popular Esports Games

  Call of Duty
  Apex Legends
  Street Fighter
  Smash Bros
  Rocket League


esports games


Esports Games & Which Casinos

Due to the demand and predicted growth of the industry demand, will as result be launching a dedicated Esports Games site in early 2021. The esports games site will be designed to educate visitors about the industry, tournaments, popular games, skin trading, betting as well as watching live esports games as and when they happen.

Already covering the online casinos industry it only made sense to see diversifying into esports given the growth in popularity of the market.


Comparing Esports & Regular Sports Betting?

The only difference between esports and traditional sports betting is that in esports you are betting on individuals competing in a computer game whereas, in traditional sports, it is a physical or mental contest between two teams or individuals. 

In both, teams compete against each other in tournaments for a cash prize. Functionally, it’s the same as traditional sports. Top-level athletes are constantly competing for the top spots in their sport, or game, of choice.

There are teams that are very popular who receive lots of bets, teams that are big favourites in a match or tournament, and smaller sides just trying to cause an upset and build their reputation. These favourites and lesser sides, though, are often a little bit more unpredictable in esports than they are in traditional sports, as we are seeing new games explode into the market and new teams appearing out of nowhere with real success.

Another area to consider is bookmakers are less experienced in this area and don’t know it as well as they do on more traditional sports, such as football. This can be great as you can outsmart the bookmakers a little easier in esports if you really know what you’re doing. However, it can make it a little tougher to pick a winner if you’re not careful.

In terms of the mechanics of placing a bet on esports compared to traditional sports, there is no difference.


Which Esports Games are the most popular?

The world of esports games is primarily dominated by team-based games. While some single-player tournaments do exist, such as FIFA and Starcraft, they’re not on the same scale as some of the other games out there.

Here’s a list of the most popular esports games based on prize money, competitors, and viewers in alphabetical order:

  • CS:GO: 40+ teams, $1 million from championship but they have lots of big tournaments, 1.2 million viewers
  • DOTA 2: 15 million peak viewers, 59 active teams, championship prize money $35 million and rising
  • Fortnite: $30 million prize money, 40 million competitors, 2 million viewers
  • League of Legends: 24 teams, peak of 44 million viewers, $7 million
  • Overwatch: 20 teams, $5 million, 300k viewers
  • PUBG: $2 million, 20 teams, 800k viewers


Want to promote your esports brand?

If you’ve got an esports brand you’d like to see on the new esports games website, then get in touch via our contact us page. All brands will be subject to a full assessment and analysis score.

For starters you’ll have to be fully licensed and be 100% compliant. We’ll also be welcoming operators in cryptocurrency industry in order to diversify available options to our visitors.