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The Online Slots Guide you are about to read, is the most in-depth Online Slots guide on the internet. Prepare to leave this page with more knowledge and a better understanding about playing online slots.

Whether you are new to online slots or are already a frequent player, there is something for everyone.

This Online Slots Guide includes information on the history of slots, popular slots, understanding slots, no wagering slots, payment methods, progressive jackpots, cryptocurrency casinos and much more.

For simplicity, we have created a contents list for you, simply choose a topic within the online slots guide, and click to be taken to your information page.

Strategy Choosing a Game

History of Gambling & Casino

Most articles like to indicate that gambling can be traced as far back as the 14th century in Japan. However, we would like to think humans have been gambling in some form or the other back since early man existed.

It seems common sense to know wagering and survival have always worked parallel to each other.

As far back as competition has existed, betting and gambling have done too, the difference being the rules, stake and technology have changed.

When it comes to understanding the history of gambling or casinos, Italy was the first country to introduce them, back in 1638 and it was known as The Ridotto.

The Ridotto was based in Venice and offered a controlled environment for those that wished to gamble.

Gambling History -

Gambling Being Culturally Rooted

Of course, since then, we have and continue to see a wave of casinos, both land-based and online, emerge across the World, although the legalities of gambling vary from country to country.

Card games such as Poker or Rummy remain the most popular among social groups even in countries where gambling is banned.

In some cultures, gambling is a very social activity that is deep rooted into the traditions. A good example would be games such as Mahjong also known as ‘mj’ in China.

Mahjong which translates into ‘Sparrow’, is a 2,500-year-oldtile game that originated in China.

Most of the game enthusiasts link the game back to Confucius and his love of birds.But the oldest historical record ever found is dates to the 1880s.

Researchers say that the game originated in the late 19th century in the provinces of Kiangsu, Anhwei and Chekiang (near Shanghai). They link the traditional rules of Mahjong to the popular game Mah-tiae (“Hanging Horse”) as the game uses a similar tile set.

Earliest recorded games

The earliest recorded game still played in casinos today is the two-player card game of Baccarat. A version of which was first mentioned as long ago as the 1400’s when it migrated from Italy to France.

Dice games have been reported to go back to 3000 bc when a pair were discovered in an Egyptian tomb.

When a Greek poet, Sophocies referenced them in his book in 500 bc.

Since then the Ancient Greeks and Romans have recordings of dice games taking place. Although this was illegal and those taking part would receive severe punishments.

Even popular games such as blackjack may have originated back to the 15th century. But no-one really knows whether it was first introduced by the Spanish or the French.

The name ‘blackjack’ was an American innovation and linked to special promotions in Nevada casinos in the 1930’s.

To attract extra customers, 10 to 1 odds were paid out if the player won with a blackjack of Clubs or Spades together with an Ace of Spades.

Another popular game that has stood the test of time but cannot be pinpointed to an exact date to when it started is Poker.

Some have poker’s origins coming from seventeenth century Persia, while others say that the game, we know today was inspired by a French game called Poque.

What we do know for sure is that an English actor by the name of Joseph Crowell reported that a recognizable form of the game was being played in New Orleans in 1829.

The Birth of Online Slot Games

One of the most popular forms of gambling is of course Online Slot Games. With the first slot machine invented in 1887 by California based Charles Fey.

Although most believe that Charles completed the first slot machine in 1895 this was because the first slot machine was much simpler. It consisted of three spinning reels containing a total of five symbols, Horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a bell (Liberty Bell).

From which this machine took its name. By replacing ten cards with five symbols with three reels instead of five drums, the complexity of reading a winning result was significantly reduced.

This allowed Fey to develop an effective mechanism of automatic payment. Three bells in a row produced the biggest reward.

in 1907, manufacturer Mills from Chicago produced a slot machine known as the Operator Bell.

A year later many “Bell” machines were installed in most cigar stores, saloons, bowling, brothels, and barber shops. The original Liberty Bell machine can still be seen at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant in Nevada.

First Electronic Video Slots

The first true electronic slot (video slot) was developed in 1976 by N. Cerracchio, R. Greene, W. Beckman, J. Reukes, and L. Black in the company Fortune Coin Co., Las Vegas, NV.

This slot machine used a modified 19-inch colour screen of the Sony boards and software for all machine functions. The original machine was incorporated in a cabin – slot.

The first video slot machine was placed at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas and after some security modifications against cheating of the machine; it got approval from the state of Nevada.

The first electronic slot machine with two screens was created in 1994 in Australia followed by America in 1996. In this type of machine, the display on the screen changed, giving the player a different environment, in which they could claim a bonus.

Online Slots Today is Big Business

In Britain today they are over 179,000 registered electronic slot machines in operation, responsible for approximately £2.8 billion in GGY. Whilst online slots alone saw around £2 billion a year between 2017-2018.

At present day, online slots have come a very long way. Particularly online slots, both in terms of variation and technology. Although slot machines found in establishments such as bars and arcades continue to still be a favourite among visitors.

Online slots are still the primary favourite by slot lovers due to the ease of access, game variation as well as the welcome bonus offer.

The Statista data analysis for online gambling indicates the number of new online gambling registrations in Great Britain from April 2008 to March 2019, peaked to approximately 30.99 million users. This of course excludes all other gambling registrations across the Globe where gambling is legal.

Over the past 6 years, online player gambling accounts held in wallets, account for £828 million worth of holdings.

Again, it should be noted this figure is for the UK only and includes all gambling products.

Understanding Online Slots & Casino Guide

Online casino and slots guide


Before you can start playing Online Slots, it is important to understand all the fundamentals involved when reading the online slots guide.

Knowing the basics, will help you in both managing your funds, minimising your risk, and enjoying game play.

Whether your playing multi-slots, or basic 3-5-reel slots, the structure is pretty much the same. So, let us get down to the nitty gritty.

 Online Slots Guide Terminology


  Demo or Free Play: Some online slots offer the option to test the slot game without the risk of losing any of your real funds, the options are given to players as either ‘demo or free play’.

   Balance (Cash & Bonus) — Can be displayed as total balance including amount deposited as well as bonus included if you qualify.

Alternatively split in two ‘cash balance’ amount you have deposited or won that’s withdrawable or ‘bonus’, amount of bonus funds earned or rewarded for use.

Some online slots will display a bonus balance, however once you decide to play a game, may show as ‘insufficient balance’. This is because they require you to make a qualifying deposit that will enable the bonus to be earned.

   Pop up notification box — Generally displayed below the actual online slots or at time above. Any winnings you have will be displayed here each time and then automatically added to your balance.

   Paytable — This is a simple indication table, which clearly displays all the symbols within the reels each time you spin. The symbols will indicate what the payout is each time you draw several matching symbols or the bonus symbols.

   Reels — Individual spinning columns of symbols within the slot machine that expose themselves, upon each spin.

   Bet per line — The amount of money you would like to wager per line, the more available lines, the more money you wager, however the greater the chances of a win and payout. This will generally appears as either a ‘+’ or ‘–’ or at times ‘^’ or ‘v’ symbols. Aside from your general bet, you can increase the amount of each bet per line.

   Number of paylines — Similar to the bet per line, however the number of paylines indicate how many lines you want to have active along the reels the more active paylines the higher the chances of a payout.

   Maximum bet — Each bet per line or payline has a max amount you can wager on; this is due to the max amount the slot will payout should you hit the jackpot. Therefore, bet per line multiplied by the number of lines = maximum bet

   Play/Spin — When you’ve configured the amount you’d like to wager per line as well as number of lines you’d like active. The next phase is to play or spin the reels. This is generally indicated using a flashing ‘circular’ symbol or a ‘spin’ button.

Slots Guide – Variation of Available Online Slots

Casino and Slots Guide

There are 4 variations of online slot games available to choose from for those want to play, these include:

Classic Slots

Classic slots tend to follow a similar pattern, and may include one or all these features:

  • 1-5 paylines
  • 3 reels
  • Fruit symbols/BAR symbols
  • Minimal bonus features
  • Trail bonus

It’s of no surprise that given the history of Slots, there are still slot game enthusiasts that prefer the entire experience seen when playing actual slot machines. From the well-known leaver, to the colourful symbols and sounds.

As a result, online slot operators have tried to replicate the feeling online, the result is classic slots.

Some examples of classic slots include:

  • Jackpot 6000 (LeoVegas)
  • Mega Joker
  • Fruit Slots (Betway)
  • Goblins Cave
  • UggaBugga

video slots


Video Slots

Like most other online slots, Video Slots work in the same way. However, are even more popular with players who prefer action-packed gaming with bonus features and side games.

Video Slots offer a more immersive experience and allow you to be a part of the action through interactive bonus features and detailed animations.

When comparing video slots to the slots found in land casinos, online video slots are easier to understand and play.

In addition, video slots also offer a wider variety of combinations than those found in land-based casinos. Generally seen with alphabetical and number symbols, such as; A-K-Q-J, 6, 7, 9, 10 with an additional symbol usually with the word ‘bonus’, ‘wild’ or ‘scatter’.

The symbols are usually based on the name or theme of the online slot games you are playing. The maximum wager when playing video slots is 100 coins.

But you will often see 300, 400 or 500-coin maxes on online casino slots. Although general casinos only have one bonus feature, video slots offer multiple bonuses giving you more chances to win bigger.


Slots Guide – Prior to Playing Online Slots

  • Matching symbols across all reels is not necessary to win money.
  • Amounts won vary, therefore winnings can be lower than initial wagered amount.
  • What you win is proportionate to how much you have wagered, with no bonus for betting the max.
  • Understanding the online slot games return to player (rtp) percentage increases chances of winnings. Although always remember our second point.

All the above points are important to understand when playing video slots, especially for a better experience.

When playing a five reel video slot, players do not have to line up matching symbols across all five reels.

Instead you will win money by having matching symbols across reels 1,2 and 3, if 4 and 5 are added them you win big.


Always Understand the Online Slot Games RTP

It’s important to understand the online slot games variables or or return to player (rtp) percentage. The rtp percentage can be found by clicking on the slot games information a high rtp percentage is indicated from 95% – 99%. The higher the percentage the higher the more often the slot game pays out.

Therefore, the more you stake the higher the chances are, to win big when you hit the bonus.

Another great feature offered by video slots is multiple paylines. This is because a player can have multiple winnings from one spin should a variety of symbols and characters are activated across the reels.

For example your first three reels all align with J,J,J your second row consists of 2 wild symbols and a character. While the 3rd row has a wild symbol with reels 2,3 and 4 displaying similar characters.

You would therefore win across all 3 rows or however many qualified for the payout. Below is a breakdown of the multiple paylines and all the factors for a clearer understanding:


  • Wild symbols and expanding wilds – Wild symbols are matches for any symbol, usually excluding scatter symbols or bonus symbols.
  • Scatter pays- Scatter pays do not have to line up on any payline. On many games, bonus symbols are scatter symbols, so that if you get three of them anywhere on the reels, you launch the bonus round.
  • Bonus events- Bonuses can be free spins, pick-a-prize, wheel spins or scratch cards.


Now that you have a good idea of what video slots are as well as what to look out for, here is a small list of some recommended online slot games you would like to have a go on:

  • Nemos Voyage
  • Bonanza
  • Return of Kong
  • Fishin Frenzy
  • Book of Dead

Mega Spins Video Slot

As we have given you an indication of what classic and video slots are. Mega Spins are a combination of the two, but on a larger scale.

Released by giant software provider, Microgaming, Mega Spin Slots follow your modern-day Vegas themed slot machines. Haven’t been to Vegas to see one? Well no problem! Imagine the video slots reels 4-6 rows with 3-5 reels, now imagine having that screen duplicated 4, 6 or even 9 times within one screen!

This mega combination of multiple reels linked to the major millions jackpot system, means, should you win, it is generally a life changing amount of money. The reason to the gigantic size on the jackpot is because it is a progressive jackpot. This means several different participating casino providers will put all player losses back into the jackpot and will continue doing so until the jackpot drops.

Your chances get bigger and bigger with every new three-reel game activated on the screen.
Although the Mega Spins looks daunting at first glance, the characters and symbols used are like those seen on all online slot games.

There are 4 variations of the Mega Spin Slot games available for you to play, these include:


Double Magic

Double Magic has a total of nine games on a screen giving you an ultimate gaming experience with a Vegas-style twist. There is a wide betting range available, so the slot is great for gamblers of all budgets.


Fantastic 7’s

Fantastic 7’s is yet another Microgaming’s slot allowing to play multiple games on a single screen.

Basically, this is a three-reel one-payline classic slot with no gimmicks such as scatters or wilds.

Thanks to a multi-format game mechanics, your winning chances and payout amounts are much bigger compared to traditional games, which creates a brand-new gaming experience.


High 5’s

High 5 is organically a classical slot machine with an extraordinary mega spin feature enabling you to experience more gambling action by spinning nine slots at once. On top of this, you stand the chance of hitting a massive jackpot of 15,000 coins.


Major Millions (Progressive)

Major Millions is a must-play for progressive jackpot-seekers and three-reel slot fans. In addition to a massive progressive that is won on an average once a month. The game features classic symbols, wilds, wild multipliers and 6 three-reel machines played on a single screen at once.

progressive jackpot slots


Progressive Jackpot Slots

As the name indicates ‘Progressive Jackpot Slots, are different to regular online slot games, whereby a set amount of prize money to be won is displayed.

Instead a Progressive Jackpot Slot is one that indicates to continue increasing until it is won. Therefore, any player playing the Progressive Slot and loses will see their lost cash added to the giant pot.

Surely there cannot be that many people playing a progressive jackpot slot to warrant the amount of money on display to be won?

Well, when you think about it that way, you are right, however it doesn’t work that way! As you might know, there are thousands of online casinos available. The majority of these online casinos will have the popular progressive slots on their website.

Therefore, every player on every website playing at any given time that loses sees a percentage of their cash go into the one giant prize fund!


In house Progressive Jackpot Slots

In some cases individual online casino brands will have their very own Progressive Jackpot Slot game, whereby they put an initial amount of money into the pot to start it off. As such, the larger progressive jackpots are where a number of online casino come together.

Some progressive jackpots work across titles. For example, ‘Marvel Slots’, whether you’re playing Hulk, Spiderman, Avengers or any other of the Marvel Jackpots. Whereby a percentage of the player loses are taken from all the individual titles and added to one big prize pot.


Top 3 Largest Progressive Jackpot Slot Winners


  1. Mega Moolah – 28th of September 2018 – €18,915,721.00
  2. Mega Moolah – 30th of January 2019 – $20,057,734.00
  3. Mega Fortune – 20th of January 2013 – €17,860,868.00


So far in 2020, there has been 2 big progressive jackpot winners both on Mega Moolah. The first win came in April for $16,495,060 and the second win followed on the 8th of May for £13,617,374.

By no means is this extensive information on all the progressive jackpot slot winners. But, it gives you an indication on the amount of money won each year or multiple times a year.

There is no question though, that the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot leads the way in terms of payout, and it drops at different amounts, ranging from €8,000,000 to €18,000,000 so far.


What do I have to do to increase my chances of winning the progressive jackpot?

The truth is it is gambling, and there is no rightful answer to the above question, however there are two main point to remember, likely to give you a better advantage:

1. Depositing and playing with higher amounts increase your chances to winning big, this is not necessarily dropping the jackpot. However, winning large prizes with other combination of symbols. Most jackpots increase the chances of dropping the bonus if a qualifying deposit amount is being wagered.

2. Regular play, online casinos are equipped to monitor regularity of play, therefore the more you play, the likely you are to increasing your chances of winning. Again this might not be the jackpot, but other good cash prizes.

Examples of Progressive Jackpot Slots

The online slots guide list compiled below showcases some of the best Progressive Jackpot Slots you can play online. However, as with everything, know what you’re getting into before playing, to increase your chances of winning. Most importantly, play to a strict budget.


Mega Moolah Slot


Mega Moolah – Online Slots

Mega Moolah is one of the only casino slot games that comes in 4 themes: African, American, Egyptian or Summer theme. As a result, you can expect all your bright coloured characters and symbols within this game.

Players can enjoy Mega Moolah for as little as 25p to as much as £125.00 a spin depending on the element of risk and confidence you have.

Mega Moolah jackpot is made up of the following:

  • Software: Microgaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 25
  • Coins Range: 0.25p to £125.00
  • Other Games: Mega Moolah Summertime, Mega Moolah Isis, Mega Moolah 5-reel drive.

The minimum seed amount you can win is £1 million. Which is amazing considering the maximum is over £10 million, as indicated with some of the earlier mentions on player wins.


major millions slots


Major Millions – Online Slots

Perhaps one of the oldest progressive jackpots out there. Again from software provider Microgaming.

The name Major Millions is not as one may have guessed as the name could indicate winning ‘Major’ amounts of money. This would be incorrect, rather the name derives from a character who is a military Major.

Major Millions can be enjoyed by players from as little as 20p making it highly affordable to a lot of players. Major Millions is made up of the following:

  • Software: Microgaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 15
  • Coins Range: 0.20p to £3.00
  • Other Games: Major Millions 3 reels versions

You would need to land 5 of them on the 15th payline. Once you do so, you will bag the jackpot prize which is mentioned above the reels. However, even playing this jackpot on 20p per spin, is quite the experience and just as much fun, with less risk.


Jackpot giant slot


Jackpot Giant – Online Slots

Perhaps one of our favourite jackpots out there, generally keeps you on your toes and tends to payout quite often. The theme follows a Pacific Island, full of stone, crystal, palm trees, volcanoes and of course a giant!

Jackpot Giant was developed by software provider Playtech. Unlike all other progressive jackpots, this game can be played both as a standard jackpot (set amount in the prize pot) or as a progressive jackpot (ever growing). Jackpot Giant is made up of the following:

  • Software: Playtech
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 50
  • Coins Range: £0.50 to £4.00
  • Other Games: None

As you increase the amount of money you would like to wager per line. You will notice an information bubble pop up above the amount showing your wager, notifying you of what’s required to qualifying for the jackpot.

This means should you land 5 wild symbols across the first payline will win you the grand prize. Although, money can be won via a combination of matching symbols.

Seeing 3 Bonus symbols activates the bonus round, which sees the giant, with a hand full of gold coins, towering over 5 volcanoes that hold various amounts of money.

The more money wagered the bigger the amounts held in each volcano, although one random volcano has ‘collect’.

Simply pick a volcano by clicking on it and the giant will toss a gold coin into the volcano revealing the amount won.

You can make 3 picks and your winnings are combined. However, should you pick a volcano revealing; ‘collect’, you can only take with you the money won prior.


Beach Life Slot


Beach Life – Online Slots

Fancy a holiday with the potential of winning big time?

Well, if your answer is yes, Beach Life progressive jackpot slot from Playtech is the game for you. Beach Life is based on just what the name suggests, the theme is set on a relaxing, tranquil background.

This progressive jackpot is made up of the following:

  • Software: Playtech
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Coins Range: 0.50p to £10.00
  • Other Games: None

To win the grand prize, it is best to ensure you are playing across all 20 paylines as this increases your chances on landing 5 wild symbols on the 20th payline. Nevertheless, should you not land the jackpot, you still stand a good chance on winning some decent cash prizes.

What makes Beach Life awesome, is it offers a variety of mini slot games, combined with high paying symbols and the bonus games, players can expect to win up to 2000x.


mega fortune dreams


Mega Fortune Dreams – Online Slots

When it comes to software gaming providers, our list of progressive jackpot slots just would not be complete without NetEnt coming into play. Having successfully released Mega Fortune, NetEnt moved on to releasing Mega Fortune Dreams.

Mega Fortune Dreams is full of innovative characters and themes which brings together stunning visual aesthetics. The games come with unique symbols, free pins and great multiplier features and multiplier bonus rounds.

Mega Fortune Dreams is made up of the following:

  • Software: Net Entertainment
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Coins Range: 0.20p to £80.00
  • Other Games: None

There are multiple ways to win on the Mega Fortune Dreams progressive slot. Playing the jackpot is simple, and you can find all details of them by visiting the control panel. As with all slots, this jackpot can be won at anytime during the game.

Mega Fortune Dreams is one of the most popular jackpot slots out there. As a result wins tend to be regular. Back in 2017 there were 12 wins on Mega Fortune Dreams, the highest being for £4 million.

Important to note, Mega Fortune Dreams is not available on desktop but mobile only.

Payment Methods – Online Slots Guide

There is a wide variety of online payment methods available for online slots and casino players. However, it is important to understand some online casinos may accept some and not others, this is the same with accepting one payment method for deposit and not for withdrawals.

To that we will also go through all the popular payment methods, who they are, their advantages and disadvantages including how to register, deposit and play.

Slots Guide payment methods

Payment Categories – Online Slots Guide

In-order to make the online slots guide, payment information as accurate as possible. We’ve included the advantages and disadvantages to all below payment methods.


Card Payments on Online Slots:

Although credit cards and debit cards are one of the most popular payment methods.

It is important to note, the use of credit cards for gambling in the UK was banned in April 2020.

Card payment for gambling are preferred primarily due to their ease of use as well as security guarantee they come with.


Advantages to Using Card Payments for Online Slots



With every bank out there ensuring each of their customers has a debit card. It is of no surprise that card payment options are the most convenient facility due to their ease of access, wide acceptance and security or debit card guarantee.


   Credit Card Availability

Although the use of credit cards has been banned in the UK, other countries where permitted, are still free to do so. An option we would not advise on, using borrowed cash with interest attached. Nevertheless, credit cards do give users additional access to funds which they otherwise wouldn’t have to play online casinos and slot games.


   Security – Online Slots

Card payment security has been tightened in recent years with Google authentication, mobile sms, voice note as well as fingerprint recognition.

To that, most, if not all debit cards now offer a ‘debit card guarantee’, in the case your card is stolen and used, you will receive a full refund regardless of where you are.

Online Casinos also offer charge-backs, although proof may be required however it entails funds used to gamble, not by you, are returned to you.


Disadvantages of Using Card Payments at Online Casinos

As with everything, despite card payments having their advantages, there are areas to which you would also want to consider prior to making your decision to use this option.


   Withdrawals – Online Casinos

Despite the wide use of cards for purchases online and retail, not all online casinos accept the use of credit cards. In the UK, the credit card ban in April 2020 means users cannot use this option for deposits nor withdrawals, even if you still have funds.

Debit cards are still accepted by permitting online casinos; however, some online casinos may accept debit card for deposits but not for withdrawal.

Not every online casino supports using visa cards to make withdrawals.

Even though there are a bunch of online casinos that will allow deposits via debit card. Some will not let you make withdrawals.

To also note, withdrawals to debit cards can take 3-5 working days to clear into your account. This can become an inconvenience especially when you need the funds sooner.

Online casinos also have a ‘reverse fund’ option. This means that while the cash is still in the ‘pending’ period, players wishing to gamble can stop the process and reverse the money back into their online casino account.


   Possibility of Rejection

Due to ever changing regulation across the globe, some banks will reject online gambling requests made by you. Although, this is very unlikely, it can happen. Particularly in countries where online gambling is highly regulated, such as America and Canada.


   Gambling Activity on Card Payments isn’t anonymous

Due to your chosen card being linked directly to your bank account, any gambling activity carried out will show up on your bank statement. This can affect individuals particularly applying for finance or a mortgage, whereby gamblers are looked at as high risk to lend to.

Bank Transfers

Most newbies, tend to think the bank transfer method entails players going to their bank and transferring funds to the online casino or slot bank account. But this is most certainly not the case, rather a player adds their bank account details into the cashier system within the chosen online casino.

This option is at times preferred if you do not always carry your debit card with you.


Advantages of Using Bank Transfers at Online Casinos

Labelled as Bank wire or bank transfers in the online casino cashier section, makes this form of payment methods one of the easiest and most secure options users can have.

  • As everyone has a bank account, it also makes this option the most convenient to both the player as well as the online casino as it expands their reach.
  • Having your direct bank account details tied to your casino account means it’s convenient both when depositing funds as well withdrawals.
  • All transactions are SSL encrypted with the latest firewall security technology, this secures you from hackers or any other third parties capable of stealing your details.


Disadvantages of Using Bank Transfer at Online Casinos

As you would expect, bank wire transfer as you would expect, bank wire transfer also has it disadvantages.

  • Firstly, using bank transfer means it is harder for you to manage your gambling funds and could lead into your overdraft which could escalate with interest.
  • Secondly, using the bank wire transfer can affect you from qualifying for a mortgage or big purchase that requires a credit check.
    Thirdly, using bank transfer also means your gambling activity is not anonymous, and appears on your bank statement.
  • Finally, regular gambling could see the bank freeze the use of this option to fund you online casino activity, this is also down to their own internal safeguarding policies.


Perhaps one of the most popular payment methods in recent times due to their fast withdrawal. Electronic Wallets or E-wallets come in the form of an online bank account whereby users can simply:

  • Choose an email address
  • Register your details
  • Confirm residential address and contact details
  • Connect your main bank account or direct debit card

Once confirmed simply find a merchant accepting your chosen e-wallet and add your registered email address when you are ready to make a deposit or purchase. In some instances, for security purposes, you will be diverted to your e-wallet, asked to log in and confirm the amount you wish to deposit.


Examples of popular E-Wallets Accepted by Online Casinos


   PayPal: Perhaps one of the most popular of all e-wallets. PayPal offers, flexibility, multi-currency, safe, secure, fast deposit and withdrawal.

   Skrill: Having a Skrill account also means you can apply for a prepaid Mastercard. Skrill offers, flexibility, multi-currency widely accepted by online casinos, secure, fast deposit and withdrawal.

   Neteller: Some of the advantages Neteller offers include, no charge back risks, multi-currency, safe as well as secure and it is widely accepted by the online casino community.

   EcoPayz: EcoPayz offers simple registration and setup, multi-currencies, safe and secure, however it is not an option used by all online casinos.

   Trustly: Widely accepted by online casinos, offers a simple interface, safe and secure, does not require as much personal information as most of the other e-wallets.

   EntroPay: Popular across all online casinos accepting Visa, entropay offer flexibility, safety and security.

   Boku: Boku also known as ‘pay by phone’, offers ease of use by allowing you to pay using your mobile phone bill. Considered to as safe, secure and convenient. Growing in popularity among online casinos.

   PaySafe: Group behind Skrill and Neteller, Paysafe offers multi-currencies, financial risk management, simple interface and convenient. Users can apply for a Paysafe card which is a prepaid card that can also be topped up at any convenience store as well as online.

   WebMoney: WebMoney is accepted by some online casinos, however for those that do, users can expect, smooth and fast secure deposits as well as withdrawals. Simple application process that also offers multiple currencies.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are like e-wallets in the sense that they both separate your purchase activity from your actual bank account. Prepaid cards can be purchased online or from convenience stores.

Simply register your details, activate your card and add funds either online, via phone or at a convenience store. Prepaid cards are not a bank account, they simply allow you to have the details necessary when requested by the online casino you would like to play at.

The other beauty of prepaid cards is you can only play with what you have added to the card, unlike bank details which could at times go into your overdraft.

Majority of E-Wallet options mentioned above do offer prepaid card to their users, helping you to acquire purchases anywhere, as they can be used as a regular bank card.

One of the great things about prepaid cards is users in different countries that would like to carry their funds without the risk of carrying cash, can simply deposit the cash into a prepaid card instead.

These cards can also be connected to your Google Pay via your mobile phone, should you not want to carry your prepaid card around.


Advantages of using Prepaid Cards on Online Slots

  • Prepaid cards are not associated with your bank account and therefore make it easier to manage your spending as there is no overdraft.
  • They are secure and safe, this is because all prepaid cards are associated with larger financial institutions despite their name, and you will generally find them with the Visa or Mastercard logo.
  • You can link prepaid card to a mobile contactless application on your phone such as Google Pay.
  • Option to download your prepaid card app to your mobile phone enabling you to have full control over managing your funds as well as locking the card, should you lose it.
  • Flexibility across continents, therefore despite the cards being loaded with an individual country’s currency, it can be used in a different country and will automatically convert to local currency.


Disadvantages to Using Prepaid Cards on Online Slots

  • No credit, this means unlike a bank debit or credit card, prepaid cards only hold the money you deposit into them, therefore once it’s gone, there is no overdraft.
  • Expect high fees, from either membership of the card service or when you decide to move your prepaid balance to your regular bank account. In addition, should you decide to withdraw cash from an ATM, you are likely to be hit by high fees.
  • Adding funds to some prepaid cards can be a pain, particularly prepaid cards that require you to visit a convenience store, purchase a voucher and load it to your card. This can become a problem particularly depending on where you are and if any convenience stores that offer the service, are indeed, open.
  • Some prepaid cards are not accepted by online casinos, therefore do make sure you check out accepted payment methods from your chosen online casino.

Cryptocurrency – Online Slots Guide

One of the biggest technological evolutions in the finance World, although controversial, has been cryptocurrency. The most popular of them all, and that started it all is Bitcoin (Btc).

Cryptocurrencies are yet to gain mass adoption as they are currently seen not to have a store value, therefore incredibly volatile. This has not stopped thousands of cryptocurrencies becoming available, all offering something unique that will change the way an area of the market works.

There are several crypto or bitcoin casinos available now, and they offer a better experience than standard online casino. The reason behind their case is based on two main elements, which are:


  Operate using Blockchain technology

  Operate using Provably fair


Blockchain technology

In summary, the blockchain is see as a ledger on the internet, which does not sit on a server and therefore cannot be controlled, manipulated or shutdown. It records every transaction taking place within its system.

This ‘ledger or block’ is replicated hundreds of times throughout the public network making it available to everyone. Unlike cash, whereby a purchase or transaction not recorded, cannot be traced.

The blockchain records and monitors all transactions and cannot be edited or deleted. Combined with the Provably Fair software, makes this new technology the future.


Provably Fair Casinos

Provably fair gambling removes the thought of any game being rigged. When playing at any online bitcoin or cryptocurrency casino, whether you are new or have visited the casino website many times. You are placing your trust in that casino and expect the outcomes of their games to be fair.

Using the blockchain, players at crypto casinos can check that games and outcome were indeed fair. This is known as ‘provably fair gambling’.

Therefore with every roll of the dice or turn of a card, players can verify in real time that the results have not been tampered with. Which has always been an age old concern among regular online gamblers.


Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency Casinos

Deciding to play at crypto casinos does have its advantages. Although, this user base still has a long way to go, before it’s mass adopted by online casino players:

  • Big bonuses matched with ongoing reward programs
  • Top of the range visuals not seen in standard online casinos
  • Crypto or Bitcoin casinos have become more recognisable than standard online casinos
  • Super-fast withdrawals, the fastest being around 5 seconds
  • Highly secure and safe, online wallets use 2 AF authentication as well as secret questions for verification. Hardware wallets are also available, these are like a USB drive to which users can move their cryptocurrency from an online exchange to their wallet to avoid being hacked.


Disadvantages to Using Cryptocurrency Casinos

Despite the evolutionary positive’s cryptocurrencies hold, there are still a number of concerns to address:


  • Cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile and high risk. Therefore a purchase of £100 today could be worth £500 or £0.00 tomorrow.
  • Getting hold of cryptocurrencies for a first-time user is not straight forward and entails dreadful process that is likely to put off many new users.
  • Depositing cryptocurrency into your chosen casino account can take a while and is not as instant as other payment methods
  • Bitcoin is the preferred cryptocurrency of use across most online casino platforms, but is not cheap to purchase.
  • This technology is currently only enjoyed by cryptocurrency enthusiasts as it takes some time to learn and get your head around how it works, how and where to purchase.
  • The use of long addresses used to transfer funds opens problems to mistakes of missing a digit, should this happen your cryptocurrency could be lost and cannot be retrieved.
  • Not all crypto casinos use provably fair

Identifying a Good Online Slot Game

Finding a great online slot game is not always easy especially when you are overwhelmed with thousands of games and new casinos cropping up each day.

Although, we have previously discussed the different types of online slots available and what they mean. The area we would like to focus on now is based on ‘return to player’ percentage, also known as rtp, as it plays a huge part when selecting a slot.

The rtp is also an indication of how volatile the online slot game you are about to play is.

Every online casino and slot will have a random number generator (RNG) built into them, this ensures the characters and symbols displayed when you spin are not rigged and are indeed random.

Understanding return to player (RTP)

Understanding the rtp of the slot game or knowing which games offer high rtp percentages, could help you minimize your losses and increase your chances of winning. This is one of the most important areas many players tend to not understand, again, this is what makes the online slots guide so effective!

Although all online casinos should display each slot games rtp percentage, some do not. Those that do not are doing so for a reason, and this is generally due to the rtp percentage being so high, the player has the advantage over the house.

For example, if the House edge is set at 4% it means the RTP percentage is 96%, so the closer the RTP is to 100 the closer you are to playing on a level playing field against the Casino.

Hypothetically, if the rtp was at 100.7% it means the casino would be running at a loss as the chances are in the players favour as to how often the casino will be paying out.

Some online slot games where the rtp is considered high, such as Goblin’s Cave which runs at 99.3% and is considered one of the highest rtp’s out there. However, the Casino is likely not to showcase the rtp and it might be one to find within the gaming software providers website.


Top 10 High RTP Slot Games

1. Goblins Cave: 99.3% – Playtech
2. Ocean Princess: 99.1% – Playtech
3. UggaBugga: 99.1% – Playtech
4. Mega Joker: 99% – NetEnt
5. Nemo-s Voyage: 99% – WMS
6. Ooh Aah Dracula: 99% – Barcrest
7. Tropic Reels: 99% – Playtech
8. Jackpot 6000: 98.9% – NetEnt
9. Chessmate: 98.7% – MultiSlot
10. 1429 Unchartered Seas: 98.6% – Thunderkick


Increase Your Chances to Win Using RTP

In most cases, players can increase their chances on activating the ‘Bonus’ symbol, and by wagering a qualifying amount of money in order to increase the chances of the Bonus round.

For example, if the Jackpot accepts a minimum of 20p per payline, but states 50p per payline qualifies you for the jackpot. It would indicate that at 20p you can still win other cash prizes across the slot game.

However, to be considered for the jackpot, 50p wagered across each payline would see you in for the running.


Other Prizes on Offer at Online Slots

In other cases, good slot games will offer a wide combination of prizes, including free spins, free cash offers, no wagering (more on that later).

Good online slots and casinos, tend to send out promotions frequently particularly when you have downloaded their app (should they have one). This includes free spin offers to new games, enhanced bonuses, Jackpot notifications if the amount has increased and much more.

Also as stated earlier in the online slots guide. Some online slots and casinos will offer demo versions for each game. This ensures you can test the slot game without risking your funds.


Do Not Always Go for the Favourite – Online Slots Guide Tip!

Once you’ve registered with your chosen online slots or casino. Head to the lobby where you’ll find the interface is categorised by, Top Games, Most played, Favourites, Recommended or New. Although human instinct will tell you these have been put there because they offer better chances of wins, is just not true.

The chances are though, that they’ve been listed because more people tend to lose on these games and therefore make the casino more money.

Online Slots Guide Fact: Ask yourself this, if an online slot game was likely to pay players out more, why would they happily promote them right at the top?

A good example will be to join any casino listed on our website, and we can guarantee you that none of the websites will have any of the Top 10 high RTP slot games listed. If they do offer the game, you are likely to have to search for it using the search function.

If you are a new player to any online casino, you can access the Welcome Offer. The Welcome offer gives you more funds to play with.

Nevertheless, you should always understand the Welcome Offer along with its terms and conditions.

Understanding the Online Casino Welcome Offer

Important Online Slots Guide Tip – The online casino or slot Welcome offer also known as Welcome Bonus, is an incentive by the provider in order to get you to sign up, this varies drastically. Players can expect the following types of Welcome Offers as the most common:

Free Spins

The free spins welcome bonus is generally awarded when a minimum deposit is made that qualifies you for a certain number of free spins. Generally free spins will also be offered over your 2nd, 3rd, 4th deposits.


Free Spins no Deposit

The free spins no deposit offer is a very common one when it comes to search engines most searched around online casinos and slots. This Welcome Offer is self-explanatory, whereby the free spins are awarded upon registration only and do not require a deposit to be made on the players part.


No Wagering

Wagering also known as Staking is generally linked to a bonus you acquire when you have signed up to an online casino or slot.

For example, you register to a Welcome Offer stating ‘Deposit £10 and Get 50 free spins’. The terms would indicate the amount each free spin is worth and what the maximum winnings on your 50 free spins can be.

The terms and conditions would also state that you must wager 20x, 35x, 45, 50x 65x or even 100x any amount won through the bonus before you can convert your winnings into cash. So, if your chosen online casino requires 20x wagering and you had won £20, you would have to continue playing the equivalent of £400 to convert the money won from the bonus given.

No Wagering is therefore being able to deposit, earn the free spins, and any winnings you have converted into withdrawable cash.

Online Casinos can therefore offer what looks like amazing offers on the surface, however they do so knowing the wagering amount required is likely to give them the advantage. It is therefore no surprise as to why, no wagering casino offers are highly searched for on Google!


Matched Bonus

Matched bonus is as the name suggest, they will generally look like ‘Deposit £10 get £10’ or Get ‘x%’ up to a maximum of ‘x’.

Although matched deposit bonus welcome offers do not look as compelling, they are offering you 100% free bonus funds.

Therefore, giving you the opportunity to play with double your pot. Most matched bonus offers will come with wagering requirements, so be sure to read the bonus terms and conditions.

Regardless what you choose to do, online casinos will generally ask you if you want the matched bonus or decline receiving it.


Why would you reject free bonus funds?

This falls to personal preference. Some players want more money as they work on ratios e.g. if I stake £2 a spin on slots my cash funds will be depleted after 5 spins.

Therefore, with an extra £10, I’ll have 10 spins, so more time to play and likelihood of winning some money if the machine is paying out every 3-5 spins.

Nevertheless, the wagering from accepting the matched bonus, should you win, is always high and therefore will require you to continue playing until you have met the threshold.

Online Slots Guide Tip: By choosing to decline the bonus means anything you win can be cashed out immediately, so long as you meet the minimum withdrawal requirement. Which the casino would have stated in their terms and conditions.

In terms of the % deposit bonus, these will vary from casino to casino. Again, all it means is that the online slots or casino will match or increase you deposit amount by the maximum of the stated amount.

For example up to 200% bonus, would mean deposit £10 and get £20 in bonus funds, so you have £30 in funds available.


Monthly Deposit Bonus

The monthly deposit bonus online casinos and slots offer, otherwise known as ‘reload bonus or loyalty bonus’. Is where you get rewarded a bonus each month based on you depositing a certain amount each month.

Majority of online casinos do not offer this up front on sign up, it will generally be found in the promotions area of the casino site, where all the promotions and bonuses are displayed.

Should the online casino offer a monthly deposit bonus or loyalty reward. Simply opt in and ensure you meet the deposit requirement to continue receiving your bonus. Should you decide to skip a month, you are automatically removed and would have to opt back in.

In some instances, if you have opted in to receive marketing communication, the promotions will be within the emails.

Online Slots Guide Tip: Monthly deposit bonuses are great if you find yourself playing slots at least twice a week or more. It just means you get more for your buck. As the saying goes, once the online casino gets you through their door, they would like to keep you there!


High Roller Bonus

High roller bonus also known as VIP bonus, targets the players with deep pockets. Whether it be for the love of playing online casino and slot games or players that prefer to deposit big in hope of winning just as much if not more.

Some online casinos target High rollers and VIP players only, these are few and between. However, most online casinos, tend to have a section and team dedicated to players who meet the VIP requirement.

Online Slots Guide Fact: As the with everything VIP, players can expect bigger bonuses, dedicated account managers, treats and perks on your birthday, exclusive events, holidays and much more.

Should you want to become a high roller or VIP, simply contact the online casino or slot of your choice and ask them about becoming a VIP.

Information is generally readily available on site, but if you have unanswered questions, contacting them directly might be the best way forward.


Refer a Friend

Refer a friend bonuses are as it reads on the tin! Refer a friend, get them to register, use a code, deposit funds in their account and you get rewarded. Rewards are generally as a bonus in your account, this is usually around £5.

To online casinos, the refer a friend bonuses are like word of mouth. If you tell a friend how good a particular slot or online casino is and convince them to sign up, the online casino gets marketed for free.

This of course is an effective and cheap way of marketing from the casino. Their insurance is knowing the friend you refer must make a cash deposit for you to get rewarded.

Understanding Bonus T&C’s

Online Slots Guide Tip: How many times do you read the 5-page terms and conditions on a purchase you have just made? Chances are you scan through it all or identify the sub-headings that apply to you and read those.

Slots Guide Terms and Conditions

Well, you are not alone, and for services such as online casinos and slots, it meant big money. The ability to lure players in with a catching offer, and conceal it using a lot of words only a legal team could understand!

This has since changed, and although the long document still exists, all online casinos and slots are, by law, to honestly and, as simple as possible, display the actual terms of sign up and bonus reward. This ensures players can make their mind up in the first instance.

Online Slots Guide – Reading the Bonus T&C’s

It is important that you read the bonus terms and conditions. To help you, ensure the below 3 points are checked of your list:

  • Look at the minimum deposit required
  • Understand how much bonus you get, is it instant or do you have to wait, or perhaps it’s awarded in phases.
  • Study the wagering requirement which we went through earlier, is the bonus no wagering, or is there a qualifying amount of wagering required to convert your winnings into withdrawable cash. Feel free to use our wagering calculator if you’re unsure.


Qualifying Games in the Bonus

In addition, you also want to know which games qualify you to receiving this bonus. For example, you sign up for a bonus, deposit your funds, get the bonus, pick a game, play and realise you have used all your cash but not the bonus.

Online Slots Guide Tip: This is generally due to the bonus only applying to specific slot games and not all. We went through variables and rtp, therefore an online casino will not reward a bonus towards a game likely to payout often or big.

Online Slots Guide to Software and licensing

When it comes to online casinos very few players take an interest into the software to which games operate on and how licensing also plays a major part. However, the two are integral parts to understand

Which Software is Best for Casino and Slot Games?

Whether you are looking at slot games, table games or live dealer there are particular software providers that are better than others.

For example if you wanted a brilliant experience playing at online live casino, you would want to look at Evolution Gaming.

Slots could be Microgaming or Playtech, and if you’re looking for sharper graphics you might want to go with NetEnt.

Another great software in the industry is Red Tiger Gaming Casinos which supplies dozens of operators and has over 120 slot games.

There are several other Software’s available however to investigate those that are some of the largest in the gaming industry, as well as to understand what they specialize in, click HERE


Licensing Laws Vary from Country to Country

On the subject of licensing, every country has different laws, this again splits even further. Whether it is online gambling (slots are different to tables games such as blackjack or poker) or land-based gambling such as Horse racing or fruit machines.

This further breaks into which category falls under as a game of chance or a game of skill. For example, in Brazil where online gambling is illegal, however the consider fruit machines to be legal.

In India where online gambling is illegal, however specific cities such as Goa, Daman and Sikkim are legal with gambling only where the bet or wager is not on a game of chance. Therefore, horse racing is considered a game of skill therefore legal.

However, as the laws have not been updated since 1867 no laws exist clearly around online gambling.

Therefore, each country will have its own gambling authority or commission that overlooks licensing and auditing. This ensures all gambling operators are abiding by the rules set as well as all games are indeed fair.


Online Casinos – Licensing Authorities

Licensing authorities also overlook the safeguarding in place to help protect vulnerable individuals from gambling addiction.

All online casinos and slots listed on the which casinos website, have been vetted and verified.

Most online casinos will hold either a UK Gambling Commission license, Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao gaming control board and European Gaming and Betting Association.

Of course, the list is far longer, however we will list those that apply to the online casinos listed on this website.

How Do I Register and What to Expect?

Once you have identified the online casino or slot you would like to pursue, as well as reading the bonus terms and conditions, you are ready to register.

Using our easy step by step Online Slots Guide, you should be there in no time!

The registration process is pretty straight forward, although in some instances you may be required to present some identification to prove you are over 18. This process is also known as KYC (know your customer), a bit more about that later.

The registration process is as follows:

1. Register your details, ensuring your address and mobile number are correct
2. Add or choose correct payment details, this will be used for both deposits and withdrawals
3. Once you submit your registration form, you will have to verify the account via email
4. Upon email verification you will be taken to the Casinos lobby
5. Proceed to make a deposit (you will be asked whether you want to claim the bonus or not)
6. You are now good to go.

What is Know Your Customer aka KYC?

By law, all organisations offering a service to individuals required to be over 18 must carry out a KYC verification. This ensures the safeguarding of both the individuals as well as the business.

Slots Guide - Know your customer - kyc

KYC, Consumer vs Business Concerns

Online Slots Guide Fact: From a consumer’s point of view KYC is there to ensure you are who you say you are and that you pose little or no risk to the service you are about to receive.

While from a business point of view the KYC process ensures the business Is protected from auditing bodies, insurance liability and potential lawsuits. It also gives companies a measurement tool in terms of risk.


Automatic KYC Verification

You will not always be required to produce KYC documentation when signing up with online casinos, in most instances it is automatic and happens without you even knowing.

Once you have registered and proceed to the second page, the database would have scanned other databases to match your information, whether it is a bank or the local council. So long as you have not recently changed address or phone number, you are likely to get through.


Manual KYC Verification

Some online casinos however will want to carry out the KYC checks manually, to which you will be asked to either scan the documents and email them over. Alternatively you can take a photo with your camera phone and upload them to your profile.


Approval and verification

Approval and verification are generally immediate, however in some instances if KYC has not been verified, it may need to go through the compliance team, who will then contact you to verify your details.

This is rare; however, it can happen and can at times delay your registration verification.

Familiarising yourself (Navigation and user friendliness)

The Lobby’s within Online casinos and slot games are very similar and will generally consist of a menu or navigation bar, tabs with different products or game types, a cashier, promotions tab, about us, terms and conditions.

You will also find a search facility which is very handy when trying to find a game you cannot seem to find in the lobby, we mentioned this in the ‘High rtp slots’ section.

Understanding the Lobby Display

Within the main lobby all games on display are categorized, and will generally look as follows:

Popular games
Recommended games
Slot games
Live Casino (if applicable)
Table Games (if applicable)


Customised Favourite Games

Once you start playing certain games a ‘favourite section’, appears at the top of the games list, this shows all your recently played games, for ease of access.

Some online casinos will have a live display of player wins, how much they have won and on which game. If a slot game shows up more than others, then look into it, and if you are a new player with a bonus, make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure the bonus applies to the game.

The secondary option is to go to the game and see if it offers a demo version as mentioned previously, this will allow you to test the game without risking your real cash or bonus funds.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

Do you remember when online shopping first became a thing, and everyone was skeptical about giving out their card or personal details online?

Well, the skeptics are still there, however times have changed across the industry. Online casino and gambling are still looked down on due to the stereotypical negative associations it has with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll!

Therefore, when it comes to laying down money and personal details to something you do not know, alarm bells do tend to go off!


Slots Guide - Safety and Security

Your Safety is Primary

All online slots and casinos promoted on this site are 100% legit. As we stated before online casinos have to be licensed to operate and in order to be licensed they have to be audited often by the gambling commission, software providers as well as financial institutions.


SSL Encryption & Independent Audits

To keep you safe from prying eyes, all online casinos have set an SSL encryption into their network. Whenever you fill in and send the online casinos sensitive personal or banking information while registering, depositing, or withdrawing, it is obscured. This almost eliminates your risk of getting your account information compromised by strangers.


Online Slots and Casino Game Audits

The games used at online slots and casinos are some of the most rigorously tested in the world. You can see the independent audits conducted by eCogra by clicking the “Percentage Payout Reviewed by Independent Auditors” seal at the bottom of the website.

This monthly report includes certification that the games are fair, as well as the game returns discovered by the most recent randomness test.

If you do not see the seal, do not be afraid to contact customer support and ask them to send you that information. It is only fair to be comfortable with who you are sending your money to.


Online Slots Guide, Top 5 Pointers to Keep you Safe

Despite all the above, there are a few advisory pointers we would suggest for you to follow:


   Change your password regularly

Keep your username and password difficult to crack. Make sure to change your passwords regularly, where possible, mix your password with numbers, characters, lower and uppercase.


   Clear your winnings out

If you are worried about your account being hacked, or someone else tends to use your phone, consider withdrawing your funds every week or month.


   Never store passwords on a public computer

Never cache your passwords and watch out for cookies. Keep a list of passwords on a secure drive where you can access them easily.


   Only trust reputable casinos

Look around for reputable online slots and casinos, read honest player reviews, if you are a serious gamer, join some forums and exchange information. Bear in mind not everyone tends to agree, but you will generally get a good idea.


   Listen to other players’ concerns

Some online slots and casinos have a track record of slow payouts, unhelpful customer support teams, or suspicious software. If a casino has been blacklisted for consistent problems with its operation, it is time to look elsewhere.

Understanding Deposit & Withdrawal Methods – Bonus T&C’s

As stated earlier, online slots and casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, however, as captivating as what you see is, it is always important to understand what it really means.

Online slots and casino brands do not want to trick you, they do understand by saying one thing and giving you something different, would result in you going elsewhere.

Online Slots Guide Fact: The bonus terms and conditions displayed on the ‘bonus’ banner or Landing Page, will clearly display a summary of what it is you will get and what you must do to get it.

Salient Terms and Conditions

The summarized terms and conditions displayed next to the bonus offer are by law, to be simple to understand and clear to read. Failure in doing this can result in the online casino being fined.


Full Terms and Conditions

If, however you are intrigued by the summarized terms and conditions, you will find a link pointing you to the full terms and conditions, which you can access and read through.

If you are still unsure, feel free to contact the customer support team, who will generally respond almost immediately.


Confirming the Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Majority of the summarized terms and conditions will state if a payment method disqualifies you from receiving the bonus, however some online slots and casino brands do not mention this.

It is important to realise that despite a payment method being promoted at the footer of the page, it does not mean this form of payment method is accepted for both deposits and withdrawals.


Matching Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

In most instances if a payment method is accepted for a deposit, it can also be used for withdrawals, however, be sure to go into the cashier tab, click on deposits which will highlight all accepted deposit methods and then click on withdrawals.

You should be able to match a payment method suitable to both your needs.


Credit Card Ban in the UK

In the UK, all credit cards have been banned for gambling use as of April 2020, however debit, bank transfer, e-wallets and pay by phone are still accepted. You can read more about it by clicking HERE


Using Cryptocurrency to Deposit or Withdraw

For players wishing to play at bitcoin or cryptocurrency casinos the process is slightly different to the above and should be as follows:

1. Identify the accepted cryptocurrencies
2. Log into to your crypto wallet, this can be the exchange or hard wallet
3. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to use
4. Click withdraw and enter the address given to you by the crypto casino
5. Confirm your withdrawal

For withdrawals, simply copy your cryptocurrency address and add it to your wallet within the cashier tab.

Online Slots Guide Tip: Due to the complexity of cryptocurrency address length, always use copy and paste option permitted to avoid funds being lost.

Deposits can also take longer than to get credited into your account and depends on the selected cryptocurrency as well as blockchain network.


Withdrawal times by payment method

Crypto Wallet: 0-30 seconds
E-Wallets: 0-1 hours
Credit / Debit Cards: 1-5 days
Bank Transfers: 3-5 days
Cheques: Not offered
Pending Time: 0-48 hours


Depositing funds and claiming bonus

Upon selecting your chosen payment method all you have to do is enter the amount you would like to deposit, bearing in mind there is a minimum amount set should you wish to qualify for the bonus.

You will usually be directed to your payment merchant for security and amount verification, once this is complete, the funds will be deposited into your online slots or casino account.


Receiving Bonus Credit

The bonuses and how they are credited to your account differ from casino to casino. While some online casinos ask you to verify claiming the bonus or not, others are automatically received upon deposit being made.


Free Spins Bonus Credit

If your bonus entails free spins, some online slots and casinos will credit your account with all the free spins once deposit is made, while other online casinos will credit your account with a set amount of spins every 24 hours.

Therefore, be sure to read the terms and condition on the bonus prior to making a deposit, understand the bonus terms and condition. Only when you are happy, proceed to register, deposit and playing.

Strategy When Choosing an Online Slot Game

When it comes to choosing a game, there is no wrong or right. However, there is careful!

Whether it be table games, live casino, online slots, scratch cards etc… first find the genre you would like to play in.

Once you have narrowed down the entertainment you wish to pursue, you will be able to find information on the game, how its played, value of characters, return to player percentage, minimum stake and much more.

If you are unsure while playing, you can access the information button, usually labelled as ‘i’.


Online Slots – Filtering by Category

If your preference is to find a game by payment method or software provider.

The easiest way is to find the relevant online slots or casinos through websites such as this, whereby only online slots and casinos are displayed in accordance to the services they offer.

Understanding individual game house edge and RTP

Online Slots – Staking or Wagering

Online Slots Guide Newbie Tip: A Stake or Wager is a term used on the amount of money used when placing a bet. In some instances, this terminology will also come up within the bonus terms and conditions for example ‘deposit and stake £10 to receive £30 bonus’. This would mean you have to deposit £10 and play £10 through which includes any winnings. Once the £10 has been achieved through play, you qualify to receive £30.


Wagering to Convert Bonus into Cash

Where the wagering term is used to convert a bonus into withdrawable cash. For example ‘deposit £10 get £30, 30x wagering required’. Interprets to deposit £10 to receive £30 bonus from the online casino.

However, any winnings made while using the £30 bonus will have to be played through ‘£30 x 30 = £900.00’, first before any the funds are converted into withdrawable cash.

The rule of thumb here is, the bigger the bonus, the higher the wagering requirement, hence some players prefer not to opt in for the bonus. Feel free to use our simple wagering calculator.

Online Slots Guide to Managing Your Funds/Bankroll

Perhaps one of the most important topics to understand and be disciplined on is bankroll management, especially when playing online slots.

It is all well and good when you are on a winning streak, however losses can escalate into addiction which in turn can have a negative impact on other parts of your life.

Therefore, to avoid that we are going to give you some basic steps to follow within the online slots guide, to ensure playing is always fun, however know when to stop.

Gambling Bankroll Management

Set an Affordable Budget – Online Slots Guide Top Tip

Setting an affordable budget means you play within your financial limits. Consider the funds used for gambling as a disposable income, one of which if lost bears no negative impact on you or anyone around you.

Using prepaid cards come in handy for bankroll management as you can only play with what you have and not dip into any overdrafts or other funds that could penalize you with interest.

Each online slots and casino also offers bankroll management. You can set amounts as daily, weekly, or monthly. When you hit your set bankroll, you can no longer make an additional deposit unless you change your preferences.


Always Keep Track

Where does the time go when you are having so much fun?

Same applies to gambling and keeping track of your budget. For instance, playing £5 a day is affordable to some, as it does not seem a lot of money, however losing £5 a day becomes £150 a month and that to some people is a lot of money.

Most gambling enthusiasts will place a bet or play their favourite casino or online slots game religiously every so often.

Any winnings made are thrown back into the bankroll, staking increased and eventually lost.

Remember to withdraw your profits and continue to play with only what you originally started with.

You can also track all your activity within the cashier history tab.


Understand your Staking or Wager Range

You have seen a brilliant Welcome Offer; it has a game you have heard about that pays out frequently! You are either new or a seasonal slots player and jumping in head first by placing a big deposit and lose it all!

Online Slots Guide Tip: Regardless of what you have heard about how good a slot game is, it is always important to test the game. Start by staking lower amounts and figure out the ratio of spins to payout, before increasing gradually.

Again, unless you can afford to lose the money. Having a good understanding that online slots are a game of chance, can help minimize your risk. Ensure you know and understand the games you play and how often they are likely to payout.


Remain Calm & Collective

Gambling and winning more than you had hoped for can bring out only one type of emotion, ‘happiness’. However, not knowing when to leave with your profits, can result in a downhill spiral which sees you lose it all and more.

Most new online casino and slots players like to believe a win or two or three on games, has them believe they have figured out a winning strategy. This could not be further from the truth!

The saying ‘the house always wins’, is there for a reason. Understanding why online casinos and slots, are big profitable business, will have you making better and more calculated decisions.

Remember, any profit is more money than you had, when you started!


Always Withdraw Your Deposit

Online Slots Guide Top Tip: Simply put, you deposit £10 and win £50. Withdraw your initial £10 investment at least. The more strategic and better gamblers would withdraw £20 and continue playing with a new bankroll of £30. It is still 3x more than your original £10 deposit, and should you lose it all, you can still be happy to have your deposit as well as an extra £10 profit in your back pocket.

How to Handle Winning & Losing When Gambling Online

No one comes into gambling to lose, although we do understand there is a possibility of a loss, it is not something at

Winning & Losing at Online Slots

the forefront of the mind.

In fact, majority of people go in with a 50/50 ratio, but, regardless of whether it is table games, online slots, live casino, think worse case scenario and accept the fact you will lose.

Mentally this prepares you for worst case scenario, which in turn ensures you are using common sense when placing your bets.

Always Withdraw your Deposit from Profits

Online Slots Guide Top Tip: Don’t get greedy! As stated above, in the first instance, you want to at least win your initial deposit back and play only with the profits, should you win on profits, again withdraw a percentage.

The general rule of thumb is if you do lose all your profits once you have withdrawn your initial deposit, it is time to walk away.


Losses Can Add Up

To put into perspective, I have seen players who are consistent casino and slots players wager over £1.5 million in a period of 3 years. Identifying your reason to gamble is imperative, if you have an objective, dedicate a bankroll, should you lose, accept the objective may require other means of acquiring and walk away.


Gambling Addiction – What Starts as Fun

Online Slot Guide Fact: General gambling addiction tends to happen when a player starts with a wining streak, mentally they believe to have figured out a winning strategy on certain games.

When the first loss happens, it is usually followed with an increase wager in hope to make a win with a profit. Should this not happen, the increased wagering continues until there is no bankroll left, which results in digging into savings, overdraft, to loan sharks, family, and friends.

Salaries can get thrown into gambling, by the time realization kicks in, ties have been broken, debt collectors are chasing all day every day.

Depression, drugs, and alcohol soon follow, which escalate into other problems.

Although we are publishing this online casino guide to help individuals enjoy and understand playing casino and slots, we cannot stress the importance of managing funds and play time.

Slots Guide to New Online Slots and Games

If there’s one thing we notice consistently across online slots and casino enthusiasts, is they are continuously on the look out for New Online Slots and Games.

This is because the nature of online casinos and slot games like to make a big impression given how competitive the industry is. Regardless how awesome the features are, no one will visit them unless they are given a good enough reason to do so.

That reason, is the Welcome offer New Online Slots and Games, offer. Most New Online Slots will operate at a loss for the first few years due to this, loading players with frequent bonuses to test new slot games and keep them coming and staying.

Online Slots Guide to Affiliate Sites

There are a number of great affiliate sites offering information on New Online Casinos and Slots, however always be wary, many new online casinos fail and the last thing you want is to be chasing for your funds you have won, simply because they cannot pay out.


White Labels – New Online Casinos

If you are not familiar with the term ‘white label’, in casino, it is basically where an existing casino or slot site is replicated and all that changes is the URL, name, branding etc.

Existing brands use this strategy as it is easier and cheaper to recreate, get up and running, targeting players in their existing player database.

Making white labels very profitable as a result existing online casino brands tend to release New Online Casinos and Slots as often as every month or 2 at times even more.

Self-Excluding from Online Gambling

Reflecting and identifying when you are playing beyond your means is very important. Knowing when you are getting agitated upon losing your funds and thinking of reaching into a separate pot of funds that was not on your original plan may call for self-exclusion.

Self Excluding - Gamstop

Making Self-Exclusion Simple

Online Slots Guide Top Tip: Self-Exclusion is a facility available on all online casinos and slots by law. How this option is displayed within online casinos changes from casino to casino.

Within some online slots and casinos, this is built into your profile and a simple selection of ‘Self-Exclude’ will block your account and remove you from any marketing material from the casino as well as all other online gambling material.

Although subscribing to other services or products which offer third party marketing may sometimes see other gambling services pushed to you. Therefore, bear this in mind.


Available Authorities to Help with Problem Gambling

Part of maintaining well-being whilst gambling is to ensure players know when to stop, and this online slots guide will show you how, should you need help.

There are several different services available to assist you, should you find yourself having a gambling problem. All summaries of the option below are all direct from the representative websites.

These include the following:


Gambling Commission

Safe and responsible gambling comes from an industry that takes care of its customers, customers who are empowered with the knowledge to manage their gambling and a regulator that ensures the consumer is at the heart of everything we do.



Start to regain control

Have you bet more than you could afford to lose? Have people commented on your betting or said you might have a gambling problem? Or have you felt guilty about your gambling?



Are gambling problems affecting you, or those close to you?

GamCare is the leading national provider of free information, advice, and support for anyone affected by problem gambling.


Gamstop – Self Exclusion Service

GAMSTOP lets you put controls in place to restrict your online gambling activities.

You will be prevented from using gambling websites and apps run by companies licensed in Great Britain, for a period of your choosing.


Online Slots Guide – Closing Thoughts

It has been a pleasure writing the online slots guide for you, although we do understand we could further expand on topics, the majority of what is required to get you to understand online slots and casinos has indeed been covered.

You should now know more than most new online casino players that have not read the online slots guide.

The most important thing to remember is to keep gambling fun.

Discipline yourself on bankroll management, and carry out your due diligence if you are concerned.

Read other reviews on websites such as

Should you find you are getting out of hand with your gambling, help Is readily available.

There is a lot of information to digest, but feel free to bookmark our online slots guide page and refer to if need be.

As information changes, we will update this page to ensure it has up to date information.


Be gamble aware

Online Slots Guide FAQ’s

Which Online Slots Pay the Most?

Although you can win a good amount of money playing any online slots, all slots are different. Some are capped while others are now.

The highest paying online slots are Progressive Slots. This is due to the amount of money in the pot continuously increasing each time a player loses playing the jackpot from any online casino brand, hosting the slot game.

Check out our Progressive Jackpot information page, within the online slots guide, for a list of the highest and most frequent paying progressive jackpots.

Can you really win money playing online slots?

Yes, you can! It is important to understand foremost that although all online slots and casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure fairness and randomness.

Increasing your knowledge on online slots games, return to player percentage (RTP), or the amount of money you should be staking to qualify for the jackpot or bonus, will result in you increasing your chances of winning.

You should also look at the slot games individual page about its payout percentage, the higher the percentage the more frequent the slot game pays out.

All winnings made using the bonus upon sign up will require you to wager the required amount first, before converting any winnings into withdrawable cash. You can read more about wagering at the top of the online slots guide.

What’s the best online slots game?

There is no such thing as the best online slots game and that is because of the wide selection of slot games readily available and released each day.

However, we are going to assume the best online slots game to you, would be the one willing to payout the most, should you win. In that case we would recommend checking out the highest return to player slot games.

We have got an entire page dedicated to the top 10 highest rtp games online, with an in-depth overview on the online slot games, how to play it and where to play it. Click HERE to get diverted to our Top 10 Highest RTP Games page.

In addition you’ll notice that there’s internal links within the Slots Guide page, each one has the top casinos within that topic. In addition each online casino review has the recommended games within them.

Are online slots rigged?

Perhaps, one of the most asked questions. All online slots and casinos are audited by a variety of third-party bodies, this could be the license provider, the gaming software provider, eCOGRA and many more.

All games also operate on a random number generator to avoid rigging or unfairness of play. Either way, it is also important to understand that the house edge, this is the percentage edge of advantage the house has on each game played.

You might also want to look at Provably Fair Gambling, it operates via the blockchain and gives you the option to authenticate each spin or roll of the dice to ensure fair play.

To play on Provably Fair Gambling casinos though, you will require to visit out Bitcoin Casino page, as this software is designed for cryptocurrency casinos only.

Remember, the slots guide is designed to help you understand and develop the knowledge for a fun gaming experience. Therefore if unsure, find a topic you need information, it will help you become a better player and decision maker.

Which online slots have the highest payout?

Although we have listed these in the Online Slots Guide, we do have a Top 10 highest rtp games page specifically dedicated to giving you a list of all the games, how to play them and where to play them. Kindly visit by clicking HERE.

How to play online slots or casino?

Playing online casino or slot games can be made easier by understanding what it is you want to get into first. This can be split into table games, which include blackjack, poker, baccarat, or roulette to online slot games which are more chance based games.

If you are new to online casino and slots, we would advise you to take the opportunity to read our in-depth online slots guide in the first instance to ensure you have all the basic fundamentals covered prior to commencing.

Once you have read the online slots guide, you will feel far more confident and comfortable playing casino.